CHRISTIAN MEDIA PUBLISHING – Publishing with Purpose

Company Profile

Christian Media Publishing (CMP) was founded in June 2010 when an opportunity presented itself in field of Bible publishing (nationally and internationally). We see ourselves as a boutique publisher bringing a fresh, creative and hands-on approach to the world of Bible publishing and distribution. Our definition of Bible publishing is broader than just traditional text Bibles. Besides text Bibles it also includes study, children’s and devotional Bibles …

Our Commitment

As a Christian publisher our aim is to produce content that contributes to the richness, depth and diversity of the Christian heritage that we are a part of. Through our publications we will proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to His diverse Church.

We strive to align ourselves with likeminded partners across the globe to form a partnership in order to deepen the faith, understanding and experience of our readers. We truly believe that our strength will lie in the partnerships we create to advance the healing, peace, justice and reconciliation that His Word brings to the world.

In these endeavours we will strive to:

  • Bring something of our African heritage to the world: The diversity of the many cultures in Africa brings a richness to the Christian Faith that can touch the hearts and minds of people beyond its borders
  • Offer products and services of outstanding quality
  • Maintain an excellent Christian business ethic.

Publishing is the art of communicating. Our goal is to get His word out in a fresh and creative way.

Our Vision for Africa

Our vision for Africa is imbedded in everything we do. We believe that the global centre of gravity for Christianity has shifted. On the basis of information from leading scholars Christian church membership in Africa will reach 800 million by 2050. We know it is said that Christianity in Africa is a mile wide and an inch deep and that the growth is not real. We do not agree with this. The growth of Christianity is remarkable and we see how God is blessing Africa on a daily basis. It is necessary to take a longer term view on Africa. There is a huge demand for Christian content on our continent, and we believe that with sound business plans and the right partners we have the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary.

The Business model

The Christian market in Sub Sahara Africa is not homogeneous; rather it is the aggregation of many small and diverse niche markets (faith communities). To effectively serve these markets one cannot follow a one channel approach. A Multi-channel strategy is required. No one player has the ability to serve the market in its entirety. For this reason CMP will seek to build partnerships with a variety of companies who can service the full spectrum of these multiple and diverse faith communities.

Own Publishing

CMP will have its own publishing division which will focus on creating content that will meet the needs of the developing world. This requires a unique focus and style in product development that is different from that of the developed world. As the global south (to use Phillip Jenkins’s phrase for the developing world) emerges and develops in its appropriation of the Christian faith it is important to assist this region in finding its own unique voice. We believe that as a result of our experience in these faith communities we are able to assist in creating a platform for this voice to be heard.

On the other hand we realise that one cannot be exclusive in one’s approach. For this reason it is important for us to collaborate with the right international Christian publishers to strengthen Africa’s unique voice. We are of the opinion that by bringing African faith communities into contact with Biblically based content from across the world it will be possible to strengthen and deepen Christian faith across the continent.

The Share Holders

In the modern business environment there is unfortunately no road map or manual that one can follow to secure success. One’s only investment is people, people that can anticipate change, adapt and perform.

Stephan Spies is one of the most experienced and respected leaders in the Christian industry globally. He is trained as a theologian and holds a Master’s Degree in Theology (Cum Laude). He completed his doctoral exams and served 14 years in a local congregation before he was appointed as MD of Lux Verbi.BM where he served for the past 15 years. Stephan has served in leadership roles throughout his life: He was Chairman of the Student Council at Stellenbosch University, received the International Abey Bailey Leadership Award and Bursary and served on the CTAI (Christian Trade International) for the past seven years. Stephan is seen as one of the most experienced leaders on the GLOBAL SOUTH issues of the Christian industry.

Ewald van Rensburg is one of the most experienced Christian writers in South Africa. He is a trained theologian with a master’s degree in practical theology. In his studies he focussed on the role of stories in faith formation. Currently he is a minister in Somerset West. Ewald is the author of 48 titles that was published both locally and internationally. He has won numerous awards for his publications and is a respected authority on children’s material. In CMP Ewald will handle the concept development. We will take the lead in evaluating and producing new concepts for the local and international market.

The core team of CMP will be assisted by a pool of talented partners including writers, designers, IT specialist, radio and DVD producers as well as production coordinators. At CMP we firmly believe that it is not the biggest companies that will be successful in the future, but the companies that knows how to collaborate.